What is Mama?

Mama stands for Macaronic Markup. It is a markup language which borrows elements from similar existent languages, in particular Markdown and txt2tags.

Mama is also a library, it allows to parse a markup language and to translate it into a syntax independent representation which may be used to render the markup into different outputs, such as HTML and Latex.

Implemented Features

  • Produces a whole site from a single source file.
  • Handles all standard elements:
    • Decorations.
    • Links (both explicit and implicit).
    • Lists.
    • Tables (with captions).
    • Images (with captions).
    • etc.
  • Displays latex equations in mathml using Ritex.
  • Syntax highlighting using Ultraviolet.
  • Supports graph definitions using dot language via graphviz.


Mama has not yet reached its first public release, but it is rapidly converging, we hope you will come back later. This status has been updated on (2007-05-15).

Right now the main concerns are documentation (this site is quite preliminary), testing, and error handling.